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We had a little get together at our home yesterday for family and a few friends. Our friends and realtors brought their sweet daughter Piper over too! I can’t say enough about how awesome these two are. And they do it all with a family! We are truly appreciative of them and their patience as it took us a while to find the right place. So, we viewed this home at 9:00 at night on a Saturday with their daughter in tow. We were kind of done with it all, and Heather invited us to their home to figure out what to do next since we were stressed and down to the wire with time. Peter arranged to view this home that very last minute. I’m so glad we did. We put in an offer the very next day and we won above multiple offers. I don’t think throughout those two months I was ever told “I don’t know.” They were always there to answer a question or to put my mind at ease. I tried to respect business hours, but sometimes I needed to know something late at night and vise versa.

- Michelle Lynn (Facebook Review)

Well, she did it! Heather Caster did the impossible. She sold our house! Seventeen years is a long time to wait, but we are super excited, or will be after we sign the papers on our new home and get the keys!

- Heather Gentry (Facebook Review)

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